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Dec 1, 2012 2:00pm PST
would like to reiterate that i would like to hear from david chu's office, and if that's it, chu's office, and if that's it, ms. wong, here. thank you. >> stand and join with the pledge of allegiance. erasxxmj4(p&c"p% america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, liberty and justice for all. pngeddle thank you for joining us today. our one and only meeting in november. so this is thanksgiving, that's coming up. so just to remind you that usually on[/g;a50e thanksgivings generally the -- where you scheduled the second meeting and we don't have the second meeting. so for all of you that are anxious tokñ?ñ? get to a second meeting, i'm sorry. we won't be able to have a meeting in november. item a, approval of board 26, 2012, second. any corrections? roll call please. >> thank you. ms. lee, y-ñ?ñ?es. ms. wong, yes. ms. feuer, ms. -- dr. murase, yes. >> that's five ayes. >> item b preparations to the superintendent report tonightfjr his thoughts. superintendent craza. that's listening and watching on tv. because this is the only meetin? in november i had a few tho
Dec 1, 2012 4:00pm PST
not happen and led to what we are going through now. this going forward -- i'm working with supervisor david chu's office that, we can find a mechanism to make sure these murals are protected. when there's damage coming that we be proactive in protecting the murals and need to think just like the museum of modern art or any museum we need to think of coit tower as a museum. though it wasn't designed as a museum, it was supposed to be a restaurant but it is what it is. hopefully we can go forward in making sure these murals will stay protected. thank you. >> thank you. >> linda. >> first i would like to crate you. felt very honored, i would say, when i heard we were voted the best in the usa. i perform in parks all over the country, is it true. on a yalerly basis from new york to the bay down to a city called l.a. over to dallas and new orleans is it true. up to aspen and boulder too. i see many, many children every year, you see. i always can't wait back to my home by the bay. yes, i think our parks are number one, by the way. i'm here to talk about the holidays, is it true. once again it is
Dec 1, 2012 5:00pm PST
on this item? please come forward. >> good morning, aim may chan. i'm a legislative advisor for david chu. i want to express our support for resolution before you that prioritizes impact fee revenues from the transbay improvements in china town. the china town neighborhood, which supervisor chu represents, is as sarah mentioned, one of the densest neighborhoods with the least amount of open space. portsmouth square in particular is the only park in the heart of the neighborhood. it is used daily by seniors, by children and other low income and immigrant residents from our community for exercise, recreation and community gathering. it is a space heavily used. it is important to the district, to the community and in much need of repair. while there are a few other playgrounds, there is really a great demand for more open space for this very dense neighborhood. it would benefit the health and well-being of the residents. that is why our office urges the commission to support the resolution before you, thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> president buell, commissioners, general manager g
Dec 7, 2012 9:00am PST
, aim may chan. i'm a legislative advisor for david chu. i want to express our support for resolution before you that prioritizes impact fee revenues from the transbay improvements in china town. the china town neighborhood, which supervisor chu represents, is as sarah mentioned, one of the densest neighborhoods with the least amount of open space. portsmouth square in particular is the only park in the heart
Dec 4, 2012 8:00am PST
right. thank you also my pleasure to introduce president of our board of supervisors, supervisor david chu. >> good government. evening. it's my honor to welcome you to our local version of the academy awards for city government. yes, please give it up. i think our awardees look absolutely stunning tonight. i want to welcome you all to city hall. thank you for joining us in celebrating good government, celebrating san francisco. opera iit is often said that as goes san francisco, goes california. as those california, so goes the rest of the country. i want to thank the awardees tonight and all of our civil servants when you are helping us how to figure out how to better manage our parks, r-texas, to figure out how we deliver our water. we are setting in example truly to the rest of the world. i want to thank spur. i know that the best ideas in city government do not come from the politicians. they come from all of you. i want to thank spur for helping to convene not just the smartest people in san francisco, but the smartest people from around the world to help us figure out how to inn
Dec 20, 2012 10:30am PST
's building in coy tower doesn't have again and that we set up -- i've been talking to david chu's office for setting up a citizen's advisory committee or some type of committee that can work with the art commission at rec and park to help manage these issues so that there is communications between the two departments and that we don't let our heritage fall in disrepair like what has happened, and since i've been talking to a lot of people, not many people have been inside the building and want to see inside the building, so maybe either rec and park or the zoo can have a little mini open house so that people can go in and see for themselves the current condition of the mother's building, and i think it's all more important to what happened to the zoo house, and thank you for your consideration. >> thank you. >> okay, we have time for one more under this part of the general public comment, it will be continued again near the end of the calendar, so this is our last speaker. >> how many speakers do we have. we're going to extend it, we have one more person at this. >> are you going to be s
Dec 3, 2012 11:00pm PST
to this memo is file 121065 which is introduce legislation by the board of supervisors specifically david chu creating something called a polk street alcohol restricted use district among other things, and really what it does is create something -- a new lower polk street, alcohol restricted use district that doesn't exist, it's similar to other restricted use districts in the city but many of them in the city are being removed as opposed to being created so the concern that staff has is that this would restrict as it's written, it will restrict all new and on and off sale license establishments with some exemptions for restaurants, there's a blanket requirement that all restaurants close at midnight, it would also require all new entertainment permits to obtain conditional use authorization which is currently not a requirement in that area and it's a pretty big area with streets -- it's not just polk, it's got boundaries that go up to larken and van ess, and as of right now, it's at least a 6 month process to go through conditional use at the planning department for entertainment, so that's
Dec 4, 2012 1:00am PST
would like to reiterate that i would like to hear from david chu's office, and if that's it, i am calling this to a close. >> like to welcome everyone to san francisco's planning commission regular hearing for thursday, november 29th, 2012. please be aware that the commission does not tolerate any disruption or outbursts of any kind. please silence any mobile devices that may sound off during the proceedings. if you would like to speak on an agendized item please fill out a smear card. and when speaking before the commission, please state your name for the record. at this time we'd like to take roll. commission president fong? >> here. >> commission vice president wu? >> here. >> commissioner antonini is here, but, commissioner borden? >> here. >> commissioner hillis? >> here. >> commissioner moore? >> here. >> and commissioner sugaya? >> here. >> commissioners, first on your item items proposed for continuance. item 1, case no. 2012.1381t, inclusionary housing updates, it is proposed for continuance december 30 13th, 2012. item 2, 2012.1306tz, review of two ordinances (planning c
Dec 3, 2012 4:30pm PST
and i'm happy to be working on this. >> thanks, daniel. to mayor lee as well. board president david chu, jed, mr. silverstein. thank you. how lucky are we? over the past few weeks we have seen america's cup, fleet week, giants home games, 49ers and countless other festivals. as we sit here a few hours from another great day of san francisco sports, with the 9ers hosting the seahawks, going to beat them. hosting the cardinals in st. louis and winning game four. today we can celebrate the bid for the next super bowl in san francisco and bay area. as has been mentioned the super bowl is a world class event and deserves a world class city and world class region to host it. as a kid who grew up here in san francisco and in the fall to trek every sunday to candlestick park to watch the 49ers play, now this is such an exciting time that we get to have the chance to host the event that we only got to watch on tv for the past few decades. what an incredible time for our city. even if the super bowl's played down the road in santa clara, for us, these are the san francisco 49ers. always have been
Dec 7, 2012 4:00am PST
david chiu's office. good afternoon, mr. chu. >> good afternoon. thank you very much, chair nolan, members of the board of directors and director of transportation rifkin. i'm legislative aid for board of supervisors president and district 3 supervisor david chiu. and i'm going to keep my comments relatively brief. you've already covered quite a bit of ground. we want you to hear from our neighbors and businesses in district 3 and the north beach in particular. we have come a long way since may and i want to very much appreciate director rifkin's acknowledgment of the surprise that both our community felt and that our office felt when the full scope of the construction impacts, both utility work and the excavation on columbus became known to us in may. we knew that there was an approved extraction of north beach as part of the e-i-r. that's always been in the discussion, but we did not know either the lengthy timeline or the full extent of the closures required and what we feel would be an unacceptable impact on the businesses and residents of north beach. so, i do want to thank d
Dec 4, 2012 9:30am PST
left is commissioner david chiu and commissioner eric mar and commissioner carmen chu will be joining us. >> no announcements. >> item two. >> item two presents november 6, 2012 meeting action item. >> any comments or changes to the minute? seeing none, public comment on item two. seeing none. public comment closed. can we give motion to approve the minutes? can we do that without objection that will be the order. >> thank you. >> thank you good morning my name is collin. i'm a transportation planner with the authority and i'll be presenting this item number three which is a contract for our -- this item starts on page sevenof your packet. we are required every two years to update the congestion management program and produce a report and that report includes a monitoring effort of the auto speeds as well as levels of service or los on the city's designated cmt network. which is about 200 miles of arterial streets which is 35 miles city freeway network. in addition to that, we also -- specifically required we do transit speed monitoring along the cmt network of bus speeds. this contra
Dec 17, 2012 9:00am EST
aggressive. >> i know you and i, when we get -- well -- >> what were you going to say about you and david? >> one of the places i like to shop. >> i had a feeling that jimmy chu was going to break your mold. this is interesting. >> me and carl are battling. >> it just seems to be that like this is this quiet accumulator of really fast-moving, high multiple brands. maybe it's a company we ought to put on the radar screen as being the next great big consumer products company out there. kind of impressed with them. >> they are being very aggressive. >> at a time when we say assets are cheap, they seem to be listening. >> fascinating piece in the "times" about instagram and how they reportedly had an offer from twitter for $500 million and change in cash and stock. and facebook bought for more than $1 billion. it wasn't exactly a billion. >> we've seen that knob of times for these early stage companies, instagram being one of the key ones. how many employees did they have? >> 13 employees. >> you like to aim for the value. >> they promised to have fewer people. >> it was 90 people. very close
Search Results 0 to 42 of about 43 (some duplicates have been removed)